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Cool gift ideas in upcoming new-year for tech lovers

New-year is a happy festival for everyone this time of the year we forget all the worries and problems of our previous year and start a new fresh life next year. Most people start their year by kissing at 12 and then exchanging gifts with each other showing their love and care. You can gift anything to a normal person who loves being normal but when it comes to tech people. They are just too hard to deal with they may take your gift and pretend to be happy and maybe they can be happy with it. Although, the chances of them using your gift every day or even some days is very less. That can make you feel bad later, so it’s better to give them something that they will appreciate and that they will like and use every day.

Pictek projection alarm clock:

The great gift for tech lovers, as even tech lovers need an alarm clock. But not just a simple one they need a clock that will be better and different from most. The picket projection alarm clockwork just as the sound it’s the very sleek looking clock that gives a very stylish and fashionable look with the digital clock. Although when it starts the clock it will project the time while it wakes you up. No matter how many times you see it’s still cool to see numbers showing up nowhere in air. This can be the perfect alarm digital clock you give to someone.

Steel series arctic gaming headset:

If they love playing gaming then this is a great gift you can give them. With great sound quality and universal jack that will connect with your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and other devices too. It has one wired to connect to any jacks and the headphones are super comfortable to wear and don’t give any strain on your ears. With it comfortable cushions you can enjoy the gaming for hours without worrying about your ears.

Samsung Gear 360:

If the person you are giving the gift to, love’s photography then you can not give a better gift this. The Samsung Gear 360 is a 4k quality capturing camera for you great video capturing from 360-degree angle giving you experience like never before. One of the best gadgets made by the Samsung company for video capturing. It will capture all the special moments for you from 360 degrees means from all the angles.

Ring video doorbell:

You can say this one is probably the best gift and if you live together it can be great for both of you. The gadget is a Wi-Fi connectivity doorbell connecting your phone to this great doorbell that lets you see and speak to the person in the door from anywhere with the help of your phone. It also gives you surety of your house safety as if someone tries to come inside without ringing the doorbell it will still give you the notification and alert. Also capturing the snapshot and the video of the person making it easy to report it to the police. You don’t have to worry about people going back from your door without knowing. As the doorbell will let you know if someone is there even if you out of the city or country you will get your notifications through your mobile phone. So this can be the greatest gift for both of you if you live together in the same roof.

Echo dot 2nd generation:

We all know about the Echo dot by Amazon. How great it was easy to use how about the updated version of that same device. The perfect gift for anyone, not just tech lover but for anyone, Every person will appreciate a gift like this without a 2nd thought. Surprise them with Amazon Alexa support speaker that will work in your voice command, gives you information, play music, tells you news, recipes, and other things too. With Alexa, it’s never boring and always fun.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera:

Don’t you love the idea of camera clicking pics and then instantly giving you the photo that time only. Well, I love it and for sure every tech lover will love it too. What can be better than going places and capturing every moment of your life and instantly getting the photo so you can fill up your photo album that time only. With Fujifilm click High-resolution pics with HD quality and enjoy the instant photo experience with this great amazing camera. It super compatible as the size is very easy to carry with your one hand and the camera itself looks really great look wise.

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