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How to embrace a Zero Waste Lifestyle


We humans are good in various kinds of things, starting from construction to space exploration and many more. We have advanced a lot in the recent decades and to be honest this advancement has made our lives easy and comfortable. Am I right? When humans started leading a proper life on the planet Earth, it was nothing but an enormous globe full of water and forests (or trees to be specific).

But in the recent years, this evergreen planet of ours has degraded a lot in terms of plantation and greenery. Studies show that while earth had about 68% of forests and greenery in the 18th and 19th era, the number has significantly reduced to only 45% in the 20th and 21st century. The reasons for this are numerous, but one of the most important reasons is the wastes we humans dump.

What is Zero Waste Lifestyle? Basically it means leading a lifestyle where we produce the minimum amount of waste we can. Or we can say that if our lifestyle get adjusted in such a way that the amount of waste produced is almost zero. It may not be a common term for most of us, but this concept will ensure that our dear Earth does not degrade much from the time being.

Here are some steps on how we can apply the concept of Zero Waste Lifestyle in our own lives –

 Be Realistic and have strong mindset


The first step that goes into this is our mindset. If we are not ready to embrace the concept, there is no means in trying it. So to start, first we have to accept the fact that we have to reduce the amount of waste we produce daily. You know that a strong will power can make us even break a huge mountain. So, have strong will power before starting the step.

Start small and aim big


Even a big skyscraper starts with a single small brick. The aim of a big dream can be achieved only by taking a small step. Similarly, for applying this concept, we must start with small steps only. Carrying our own cloth carry bags to avoid plastic bags during shopping, or using recyclable paper cups for drinking soft drinks etc. are some small steps from which we can start. Start small but always aim for a big leap later.

Zero Waste kitchens


Starting from our own kitchen can be a big step towards Zero Waste Lifestyle. Many of us buy items in bulk and after use store the remaining item in the plastic bags. But this is not correct. The left over items can be stored in glass or metal containers, which need not be thrown. This will help in not disposing non-recyclable plastic bags.

And, we throw the vegetable and fruits peel which could be turned into compost. Even the leftover food can be composted too. All you need to do is to have a compost maker and you will be contributing to the cause of growing green tress. This will be awesome!

 Pack for your own trip


Trips are those moments in our life when we get the time to live and enjoy our life as we want. And you will never deny the fact that when we are on a trip, most of us have the mindset that having our food from outside will be a sign of prosperity. Right? But have you noticed the waste we dump due to this mindset of ours?

Most of the times we buy more food than we can consume and then the leftover food are thrown away. And most of the restaurants pack the items in plastic bags. So you are harming the planet in two ways at once. So try to pack your own things when you are leaving for a trip. Yeah you can have your food once or twice during your trips, but be sure to buy limited amount of food and ask for recyclable bags from the place you are buying. This can help a lot, believe me!

New but cheaper clothes


Whenever we have a special occasion or function in our houses, the first thing we look forward is having new clothes to wear. Most of us go for new clothes at least twice a month. And after the clothes are no more of use, they are thrown away. Thus, you are dumping some really useful waste.

One thing you can do is to select the unused clothes once in three or four months. Then donate the clothes which is in somewhat good condition to poor people. You are putting up smile on the faces of poor ones and saving the dumping too! Also, there are various shops which sell second hand clothes which are in good condition at a reasonable price. You can save both money and wastes by buying those clothes. This is not going to make you poor. In fact you are doing a really awesome job!

 Feel comfortable to clean up the waste you see


Whenever we are at any place, it is sure that there will be something lying on the ground – the waste. Many of us have the thinking that if we pick up a wrapper lying on the ground and throw it in the dustbin, we are going to hurt our ego. Right? Because I don’t know any other valid reason why we do so.

Feel comfortable to throw away any garbage that you see littering on the roads or any place. In a way, you are contributing in the cause of the Zero Waste Concept. For example – The beaches are the most common places where we can see a lot of garbage. Whenever we are roaming on the beach and we see any garbage, we can throw it in the dustbins. We can do that. Take these small steps and you are going on the right path in making our Earth clean and waste free!

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